Movianto is not only able to comply with the basic elements of the warehousing and distribution services, we also have extensive capabilities in providing Value Added Services.

Our multi-lingual customer service and back office infrastructure takes care of these value added services like order intake in local languages, dispatch of invoices or the order to cash management. Our experienced teammates are also in daily contact with most of our clients’ customers like hospitals, pharmacies, wholesalers, sales reps, etc.

Our customer service & back office teams provide a range of services that comfort our clients and their customers.

Movianto’s full order to cash services are like most of our services designed towards the needs of our individual clients. At Movianto we create invoices on behalf of our clients and post them to their customers. The service may include active cash collection, a follow up on delayed payments through an active reminder process (until 3rd reminder) and daily reporting on the payment process. The order to cash process is integrated into our IT solution, offering the flexibility that our clients require from their partner.

Our clients can access all their supply chain information at Movianto in two ways. During the implementation process, or on client requirement, we set up various integrated messages that feed the clients IT platform with the data that they require for their business process optimizations.

These messages include but are not limited to: Order acknowledgement, inventory status, transport status and Proof Of Delivery (POD). Another way of accessing this valuable information is through the Movianto online platform. Here our clients have access to the latest status of all their orders and inventories. Additionally it can provide them with a range of standardised and/or customised reports. Easily accessible and only a few clicks away, the Movianto business critical reports can be downloaded in a static or dynamic form.

Value Added Services that we offer to support our specific medical device logistics solutions include:

  • Cleaning & Refurbishment
  • Analyses and testing
  • Returns Management (quality check)
  • Quality control
  • Build surgical kits
  • Surgical kits usage reporting
  • Assembly/Configuration
  • Packaging & repackaging of medical devices
  • Build, pack to order
  • Labelling & relabelling
  • Controlled Drugs Services
  • Medicine Samples
  • Promotional Material
  • Clinical Trials

All of these activities are supported by dedicated training programmes in association with our clients. Processes and procedures are documented in the process specific work instructions and/or the client specific Standard Operating Procedures.


Developed by our Movianto IT specialists, the IT system Movianto Prince (principal interface) uniquely combines profound IT expertise with in-depth knowledge of processes in healthcare logistics and state-of-the-art technology.

Movianto Prince connects our clients IT systems with Movianto and provides information in real-time. This solution is particularly valued by our clients as the service-oriented architecture is adaptable, flexible and can be integrated into any company software, enabling real comfort and adding value.