A strong presence across Europe has many advantages. One of these is in the area of distribution: Movianto’s pan-European logistics network enables a flexible range of distribution solutions to precisely meet the business needs of our clients.

Depending on manufacturer requirements, Movianto can either coordinate activities through a central European warehouse or via regional warehouses to supply national or regional markets.

In addition, we also offer clients local distribution by coordinating logistics activities through local warehouses in each country where Movianto has its footprint. We are capable of delivering to end customers like wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies or doctors.

Due to our strong long-term relationships with several transportation companies together with our own in-house resources and capabilities, our clients benefit from competitive and up-to-date transportation prices while guaranteeing a high level of quality through regular audits.


Classical distribution methods of pharmaceutical and medical products via wholesalers can no longer keep up with some of the high and specialised demands of the healthcare industry. We have long recognised the need to optimise the supply chain and continually increase its efficiency.

Dynamic market changes have led many of our clients to rethink and strategically reconsider the storage and distribution and control of their specialised products. In order to smooth out the issues that manufacturers in the healthcare industry have with the delivery of these specialised niche products and biotech products, Movianto have developed effective “Direct-to-Pharmacy” models.


Direct-to-Patient home care service is offered to chronically ill patients in countries where this is permitted by legislation. Here Movianto provides a service that simplifies the life of many patients who urgently need medication delivered to their doorstep.